The Story Behind The Cover Of Fifa 23

Who Is On The Cover Of Fifa 23

FIFA game franchise needs no introduction as it has been a worldwide phenomenon for decades. FIFA 23’s new cover features an exciting addition that has raised fans’ anticipation to unprecedented levels. The game franchise is popular among gamers because of its realistic soccer gameplay and graphics.

The cover of FIFA 23 features exceptional artwork and innovative features that allow players to experience the thrill of soccer on their screens better than ever before. Additionally, the game introduces new skilled players, gameplay modes and improved graphics that promise great excitement for fans.

It is worth noting that every edition of FIFA has unique elements that distinguish it from other editions, and FIFA 23 is no different. Fans are looking forward to seeing all its distinct features in action when it releases.

According to sources from IGN News, Cristiano Ronaldo will be making his return back on the cover page for the second time after previously appearing in FIFA 18’s cover page.

Finally, a FIFA cover athlete who can actually score a goal in real life.

FIFA 23 Cover Athlete Revealed

To reveal the FIFA 23 cover athlete, you need to know who the chosen athlete is and their significance. Wondering who is the FIFA 23 cover athlete? We’ve got you covered! Additionally, understanding the significance of the chosen athlete helps reveal insights into the values and goals of the game developers. So, what is the significance? Let’s find out!

Who is the FIFA 23 Cover Athlete?

The selection for FIFA 23’s cover athlete has been revealed. The chosen player’s prowess and influence is set to make the game even more exciting. Their fame will undeniably boost sales, but their performance on and off the pitch makes them a great fit for the job. Fans of this football star will surely be delighted with this announcement.

The cover athlete for FIFA 23 has been unveiled, and they are expected to make a significant impact not just on the game, but also in the sports world as a whole. This coveted position is a testament to their skill, dedication, and status as an icon in the field of football. As fans eagerly anticipate this upcoming release, they can look forward to playing with their favorite player featured prominently on the cover.

It is interesting to note that this time around, there are several unique features incorporated into FIFA 23 that sets it apart from previous iterations. One such feature includes more lifelike animations that allow players to showcase their true abilities on screen in a manner never seen before. This fresh spin gives players a chance to experience the beautiful game like never before.

Pro Tip: Be sure to keep an eye out for any potential pre-order bonuses or limited edition content you can snag when purchasing FIFA 23 featuring the cover athlete!

Finally, a reason to buy FIFA 23 – to see the face of the person who will haunt my nightmares for the next year.

What is the significance of the FIFA 23 Cover Athlete?

The cover athlete for FIFA 23 has been announced, which holds significant importance for fans and the franchise. The cover athlete influences perception and marketing strategies of the game. It also serves as an honour and a recognition for the chosen player’s talent, skill, and popularity within the sport.

Additionally, featuring athletes on the cover creates anticipation before the release date. This anticipation leads to increased sales and revenue generated by the franchise. The selection process is also crucial, as it requires consideration of many factors such as image-related concerns, marketability, and fan preferences.

Interestingly, many previous FIFA athletes have seen an immediate boost in their career following their selection as a cover athlete. One prime example is Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence on FIFA 18’s cover which helped him get a Golden Globe award that year.

In summation, selecting a FIFA cover athlete is a well-thought-out process that can significantly impact both the game’s success and the athlete’s career. Its importance cannot be overlooked in today’s sports industry. Rumor has it that the selection process for the FIFA 23 cover athlete involved more bribes than a corrupt politician’s campaign.

The Selection Process for the FIFA 23 Cover Athlete

To understand the selection process behind the FIFA 23 cover athlete, you need to know the criteria involved in selecting the cover athlete and who is responsible for making the final decision. In this section, we’ll go over these two crucial sub-sections that give you a deeper insight into how EA Sports picks the right player to grace the cover of their FIFA franchise.

Criteria for selecting the FIFA 23 Cover Athlete

To handpick the ambassador of FIFA 23 by appearing on its game cover, EA Sports has a rigorous and objective selection process. They elect athletes who align with their brand image, promote diversity and inclusion, and possess leadership qualities. Moreover, athletes should have an active presence on social media platforms to engage with the gaming community. Henceforth, they keep track of players’ impact within the sport consistently.

Sources confirm that Cristiano Ronaldo was selected as FIFA 18’s face owing to his fame and skill level as a footballer.

The following table shows the criteria for selecting FIFA 23 Cover Athlete:

Criteria for selecting FIFA 23 Cover Athlete
Aligns with EA Brand Image
Promotes Diversity and Inclusion
Possess Leadership Qualities

The selection process for the FIFA 23 cover athlete is probably more complex than winning the actual World Cup.

Who is responsible for selecting the FIFA 23 Cover Athlete?

The FIFA franchise, currently developed and published by Electronic Arts, undergoes the rigorous process of selecting a cover athlete for its yearly edition. The selection committee consists of top-level executives and marketing personnel who decide on the marketability and overall appeal of the athlete. Factors like personal achievements, popularity, fan base, social media presence, and endorsements are taken into account. The chosen athlete represents not just the game but also reflects its core values and audience. The search for the FIFA 23 Cover Athlete begins months before the release date of the game. The selection committee spends hours researching potential candidates from various leagues worldwide while considering their performance in recent tournaments, injuries, and controversies that may affect their image or marketability. Once a final list is compiled, negotiations with agents representing these athletes begin to secure required permissions and agreements. Besides appearing on the game’s cover art, athletes chosen for this role receive special recognition during promotional events leading up to release day, which adds considerable pressure on them to represent FIFA positively while dealing with media scrutiny. As much as it’s an honor to be selected as the cover athlete for such a globally renowned game series, it comes with equally significant responsibilities that can elevate or harm an athlete’s career. In 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo was voted by fans worldwide to be featured on FIFA 19’s cover art after his incredible season with Real Madrid and scoring in every Champions League group stage match. However, when news broke out about sexual assault allegations against him that year which led him being removed from EA Sports’ Ronaldo Edition bundle of FIFA 19 along with television ads featuring him for NBA Live 2019. As we eagerly await the announcement of this year’s cover star for FIFA 23 set to hit stores soon; one thing is sure that whoever receives this honor will forever be part of FIFA history. Looks like being on the FIFA cover is a curse, just ask all the previous athletes who had their careers go downhill faster than a penalty kick.

Previous FIFA Cover Athletes

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the cover of FIFA 23, it is essential to reflect on the previous FIFA cover athletes. The overview of past FIFA cover athletes will help you comprehend the evolution of the cover. Secondly, exploring the trends and patterns in FIFA cover athlete selection will assist you in comprehending the standards that are considered while electing a FIFA cover athlete.

Overview of past FIFA Cover Athletes

Spanning over the years, here is a glimpse of FIFA’s past Cover Athletes, providing insights into their unique characteristics, fan base and popularity.

Using , tags, the following information summarizes FIFA’s previous Cover Athletes:

YearAthlete NameNationality
2021Kylian MbappéFrench
2020Virgil Van DijkDutch
2019Cristiano RonaldoPortuguese
2018Cristiano RonaldoPortuguese
2017Marco ReusGerman

It’s noteworthy that many players featured more than once on the cover page of FIFA. The athlete with the highest number of appearances as a cover star is Lionel Messi with 10 covers.

As reported by in May of 2021, Kylian Mbappé has now become the youngest player to feature twice as a soloist on FIFA’s cover page, at just age 22.

Looks like EA Sports has a type – tall, dark, and athletically blessed – when it comes to their FIFA cover athlete selection process.

Trends and patterns in FIFA Cover Athlete selection

The selection process of FIFA cover athletes demonstrates discernible patterns and trends. These patterns can extend to the player’s performance, popularity, and marketing potential.

In the table below, we present data on previous FIFA cover athletes, including their nationality, team affiliation, and year of appearance. These insights may help to identify possible future picks.

Lionel MessiBarcelona2013-2020
Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid/ Juventus2012-2021
Wayne RooneyManchester United2006-2012
KakaAC Milan / Real Madrid2007-2008
Marco ReusBorussia Dortmund2017

These selections often prioritize individual performance and achievement in addition to the players’ marketability and global appeal. Cover athlete picks also frequently align with specific product launches or timely events relevant to soccer culture.

It is important for soccer fans to stay up-to-date on these diverse factors that contribute to FIFA cover athlete selection. The next cover athlete is anticipated in the coming months; don’t miss out on staying current with this significant component of the FIFA series.

These cover athletes have had a bigger impact on FIFA than any referee ever could.

The Impact of FIFA Cover Athletes

To understand the impact of FIFA cover athletes and maximize marketing and commercial implications, as well as the impact on the player’s branding and career, we’ll be exploring two major sub-sections. Delving into how the choice of cover athlete affects sales, player popularity, and image, we’ll examine the marketing and commercial implications of the FIFA cover athlete. We’ll also discuss the impact that appearing on the FIFA cover can have on a player’s career trajectory and personal brand.

Marketing and commercial implications of the FIFA cover athlete

The FIFA cover athlete has a massive impact on the marketing and commercial aspects of the video game franchise. The player featured on the FIFA cover can positively affect sales, publicity and popularity of the game.

Below is a table showing some real-world statistics of FIFA cover athletes and their commercial benefits:

Cover AthleteYearGame Sales (in millions)Social Media Followers (in millions)
Cristiano Ronaldo201824.3338
Lionel Messi201314.5216
Neymar Jr202015.1147

It’s worth noting that Cristiano Ronaldo’s appearance on the FIFA cover breaks two records at once – it is his seventh time on the cover, and he also surpassed Lionel Messi for having more social media followers.

A significant detail not covered in the aforementioned table is that many football clubs use FIFA as a platform to market themselves. For instance, Juventus FC signed an exclusive partnership deal with Konami (creator of rival video game PES) in July 2019 which meant that they would no longer be present in FIFA. This move caused a shift in market value for both football clubs.

To boost sales, publishers might consider introducing more legends or international players as new covers every year. They could even run public campaigns allowing fans to vote for the next cover star.

Looks like being on the FIFA cover guarantees one thing: a successful career in soccer, and an unsuccessful one in discount haircuts.

Impact on the player’s branding and career

As one of the most anticipated video games worldwide, FIFA is known for featuring famous football players on its covers annually. The appearance of these cover athletes has a notable impact on their branding and career. Here are some significant aspects that contribute to this impact.

FactorsImpact on Branding and Career
FIFA Franchise PopularityExposure to millions of gamers globally increases brand value.
Cover Athlete Selection ProcessElevates player status and marketability among fans.
Game Performance and RatingsAffects player’s perceived ability, fanbase, and endorsement deals.

Furthermore, it has been noted that being chosen as a FIFA cover athlete can significantly increase an athlete’s social media following. This alone is a major boost to an individual’s brand values in terms of his popularity among social media-savvy generations. Pro Tip: Being selected as a cover athlete can mean that your reputation would be enhanced drastically; you must use this opportunity to leverage the growth in your audience by making use of social media channels like Instagram or TikTok to build personal branding that will last long after your FIFA cover spotlight fades. Choosing the right FIFA cover athlete is no game, it’s like the Hunger Games – survive and you’re a superstar, fail and you’re forgotten forever.